Disciple-Making with Dave Buehring

discipleship leadership May 18, 2021

Recently I interviewed David Buehring of Lion Leadership on his new bookThe Great Opportunity: Making Disciples of Jesus in Every Vocation I LOVED it! This interview unpacked how to identify, qualify, invite and challenge people into powerful relationships that are guaranteed to be fruitful. You can apply this to people you want to work with or employ, or people you want to invite into a discipleship group. Here's a quick summary of the key points:

1. Identify who you will work/walk with - in whose ears is your voice loud? Who do you have favor with? Who REALLY listens as evidenced by their follow-through?

2. Qualify them - F.A.S.T acronym

Are they faithful or flaky?

Are they authentic or fake?

Will they share this or are they selfish?

Are they teachable or stubborn?

3. Invite them into a meeting where you share vision/purpose or plan. Outline what you are committing to do with/for them

4. Challenge them by looking them in the eye and asking "Are you ready to match my commitment?"

Grab a copy of Dave Buehring's book The Great Opportunity: Making Disciples of Jesus in Every Vocation

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Dave Buehring is the Founder and President of Lionshare (www.Lionshare.org), a nonprofit organization aimed at igniting and equipping churches and societal leaders to fulfill Jesus’ Great Co-Mission of making disciple-makers. Dave is the author of A Discipleship Journey, a proven and practical resource used in numerous nations throughout the world; The Jesus Blueprint: Rediscovering His Original Plan for Changing the World; and his new book The Great Opportunity: Making Disciples of Jesus in Every Vocation. Dave annually hosts and teaches a six-month leadership intensive for vocational leaders called “A Leadership Journey.” He also can be regularly heard on Lionshare’s podcast Wisdom Unlocked: The Ways of God.

Dave and his wife, Cheryl, reside in the beautiful hills of Franklin, Tennessee, where they enjoy spending time with their family and friends.


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