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I'm Andy Mason

I help you and your business find clarity for what's next and the courage to do it.





I'm Andy Mason

I help you and your business find clarity for what's next and the courage to do it.

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"Powerful life and leadership insights that anyone can apply." Chuck Proudfit

"You will surely find your own story within these pages." Shae Bynes

"Every page I read encourages me. I know it will encourage you too." Ray Edwards

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Gain clarity and confidence for the decisions you need to make today and tomorrow. HEY GOD WHAT NOW is a Live or On-demand course that will help YOU hear God, translate that into practical action steps and process the results.

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Join a small group of like-minded, high performers, each with a unique story and calling to influence cities and nations. We meet virtually twice a month for 1-2 hours adding our strength to one another in the pursuit of our calling in business and life.

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What are others saying?

Ray Edwards

It’s hard to describe the experience that you will have. It works in terms of revenue, for sure, but there is so much more; it goes so much deeper. The results have been astonishing. I trace this back to what happened at that one single advisory day. 

If you have the opportunity to engage Andy Mason as a business advisor, I would strongly recommend you don’t hesitate.

Brian Harper

Andy has created a niche for the global Christian business leader. He has created an environment where we challenge each other, pray together and cast vision with one another. I have experienced nothing like it.

I have known Andy for several years and a lot of my trajectory in business can be attributed to my interactions with him. He has always been someone that pours the gasoline on my fire.

Ford Taylor

Being a part of Andy Mason’s mastermind group has given me the strength to move forward in areas that I had no desire to do. His ability to hear Gods voice and open the door for others in the group to hear His voice, and then to have the courage to lovingly, fearlessly and freely speak into each other’s lives is amazing.

I highly encourage others to join and experience what I did. Life changing.

Meet Andy...

Over the last ten years, my family and I have moved continents, navigated horrendous health challenges, walked through tragic loss and survived natural disasters.

At the same time my wife,  Janine, and I have raised four powerful children, authored four books, started a movement of faith-centered business leaders and inspired people all over the world.

My life message is simple: God is more accessible than you know and wants to be part of every aspect of your life. There is hope, wisdom and solutions that result in measurable growth, regardless of your circumstance.


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Life can be messy. The first step to successfully navigating faith, family and business is an authentic conversation. Here I get real and raw sharing personal stories, insights, mistakes and lessons learned on my journey with God.

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